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New CD: "Life on Earth"

The new CD "Life on Earth", with all original compositions by Ratko is out now.

Ratko Zjaca - guitar, Antonio Sanchez - drums, Stefano Bedetti - saxophone and Renato Chicco - Hammond organ.

Life on Earth

Life on Earth

"Don't Try This Anywhere" wins Orpheus Award 2016

The CD "Don't Try This Anywhere" has won the Orpheus Award for 2016 - the best Italian production 2015 for jazz music.

Orpheus Award

The new CD "Don't Try This Anywhere" is out now

"Don't Try This Anywhere", recorded in New York City, Simone Zanchini, John Patitucci, Adam Nussbaum, Stefano Bedetti and Ratko Zjaca.

New York Project

New CD release with ZZ Quartet

A new CD with original music titled "Beyond The Lines" from all members of the quartet is out now.

Info www.zz-quartet.com

Beyond The Lines

Summer Tour 2013 Summer Tour 2013

Ratko Zjaca's Mirabella Chambered Ten

A special 10-string fretted / fretless guitar.

After a successful collaboration in 2009 with the Mirabella Jazz Moderne Electric guitar, which Ratko used to record his last two CDs, the great Cris Mirabella just finished a new, unique guitar for Ratko: the 2013 Ratko Zjaca Mirabella Chambered Ten signature model. This guitar was a special construction. An idea of Ratko Zjaca, which Cris Mirabella then put to design and applied to wood. The resulting guitar is a unique and exciting collaboration from these two artists.

Ratko Zjaca Mirabella Chambered Ten

CD is out: Now and Then

Now and Then

The Way We Talk: CD is out now

The Way We Talk

Ratko Zjaca, Adam Nussbaum, Simone Zanchini, Martin Gjakonovski

Ratko just released a new album with his new group with Simone Zanchini, Adam Nussbaum and Martin Gjakonovski.

Continental Talk: CD is out now

Continental Talk

Ratko put together a great band and found beautiful original compositions for us to play on...
It was a very free session, musically speaking everyone played their hearts out.

Randy Brecker
New York City

Ratko Zjaca

Ratko just recorded his new record at Avatar Studios in Manhattan with John Patitucci, Steve Gadd, Randy Brecker and Stan Mitrovic.

Ratko Zjaca

Ratko and Stan's new cd is full of great compositions played by a top notch band. Patitucci and Foster are a fantastic rhythm section, and with the lyrical playing of Stan and Ratko, make for a most enjoyable listening experience. I recommend this cd.

John Abercrombie
New York City

Once again I am pleased to hear that Ratko is continuing to carve his niche, as an important contributor to contemporary music. His project - acoustic and electronic - Shades of Spirit illustrates his ability to incorporate the important folk aspect of his background while utilizing today's technology. Enjoyable and Inspiring.

Reggie Workman
Bassist, Composer, Professor at The New School University, NYC

Ratko presents a dynamic collection of jazz and attains something very rare indeed a balance between body and soul.

Vernon Reid, NYC

"The first time I heard Miles Davis and John Coltrane groups playing was on a sissling hot summerday in Zagreb, Croatia. They filled my teenager ears with timeless sounds and made for one of the most wonderful days of my life. A dream was born; playing and recording an album with guys from these groups.
A fascinating quest started.
Music warped me through a dazzling macrocosm populated by a plethora of cats, notes and tunes. One day this magic vortex called a musician's life made me go to Manhattan. Finally I got the opportunity to make my dream come true. I hope I never will wake up."

Ratko Zjaca plays electric guitar, acoustic nylon & steel string guitar, guitar synth, electric fretless guitar, 11 string acoustic fretless guitar, fretless classical guitar, 12 string guitar, electric guitar sitar, electric baritone guitar, acoustic baritone guitar, soprano guitar, resophonic guitar and sarod.

Crossing The Border

New quartet CD is out now

Ratko Zjaca, John Pattituci, Al Foster, Stan Mitrovic

Crossing The Border is a new record, just recorded in New York City with Stan Mitrovic, John Pattituci and Al Foster. There are twelve brand new compisitions, written by all the members of the quartet.

Ratko Zjaca with Miroslav Vitous

Ratko Zjaca band with Miroslav Vitous

Ratko Zjaca Quartet featuring Jeff Tain Watts

Ratko Zjaca Quartet featuring Jeff Tain Watts

Ratko Zjaca Quartet

Ratko Zjaca and Reggie Workman Quartet

Ratko's quartet with Randy Brecker

Ratko's quartet with Randy Brecker

Ratko Zjaca Trio

Ratko Zjaca Trio

Ratko Zjaca - Stan Mitrovic

Ratko Zjaca - Stan Mitrovic Unfretted Duo

Ratko Zjaca

Ratko with his Mirabella guitar